Bishop McGee

Founder Bishop Sylvester McGee (Deceased)

Bishop staff @ church

Presiding Bishop Ivory Stafford

Fellowship Motto


What We Believe 

We believe in the spirit-filled life as desirable, valuable, and an issue of obedience for all Believers who are commanded to be filled with the Holy Ghost. We acknowledge that within the Body of Christ, the term, “filled with the Holy Ghost” is often used interchangeably with the term, “baptism of the Holy Ghost.” When referring to the controlling presence and power of the Holy Ghost, as a result of the submissive will and desire of the Believer, we allow such alternation of terms. We believe it is the will and command of God that every Believer be “filled,” “walk in,” be “led by,” and “live in” the power of the Holy Ghost.

EPHESIANS 5:18; GALATIANS 5:16, 18, 25

Our Mission

We have been commissioned to Equip, Edify, and Build men and women of God to serve in a more excellent way were they serve.  We also strive to mobilize the collective resources of small churches to develop one another and make a global impact for the Kingdom of God. 

Next Steps...

Come Grow with us as you allow God to Equip , Elevate, Educate you as you continue to give God your best as we impact the Kingdom.